•  Meetings are held on the Sunday of our event weekend followed by a breakfast brunch starting at 11:00 a.m. Other meetings will be scheduled as needed and members will be notified via email of date/time/location. This will also be posted on the BBC website and FaceBook page. 
  • The meeting day and location will be posted here on the BBC website and  you will be notified via e-mail.
  • Free admission, beer, water, and munchies in BBC Bear Blasts which will be held on Friday and Saturday night.

Associate Membership Dues per event: $10.00 for 1 night or $20.00 for 2 nights.

Each member receives:

BBC is also proud to display the listing of the charitable contributions.

Associate memberships can be purchased for  at the time of the event in November 2017 

How do I join?

Who can be a Backwoods Bear?

Our donations by year:

2013 =  $14,000
2012 = $6,000
2011 = $15,500
2010 = $17,000
2009 = $16,250
2008 = $20,000

The club relies on its Board and Members to plan and provide club activities. The intent is to provide a great time for all involved while raising funds for charity.

How much are dues?

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BBC has donated over $8000 to charity through the bingo events since November 2013
BBC has donated over $160,000 to charity since 2005!